I have played different games, and there usually is a bubble with text. How do I do that?

So, I am making a Cronicals of Narnia game and I have seen games made by other people. I have been looking everywhere for this and still can’t find it. What I mean in, “bubble with text,” is the white square/rectangle found on the bottem of the screen or the center of it. It also has text in it. So I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make it like that.

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Use the popup device (Ooh I also read the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe book a long time ago, around 1 or 2 years ago)


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l always try to use it, but it never works(I will see if I can send the link @Cellofive ).

Have you made it so something opens the popup?
You have to have another device as the event and wire it to the popup.
(Ex. Button Pressed → Open Popup) and then you can customize the title (header) and content text

Cool! a Chronicles of Narnia game! are you going to publish it once it is done?

The overlay is the actual button that displays on screen. In settings you can change it to display in your preferred corner. It can be a button or just text, you choose! If you want text tat covers your whole screen it would be a popup

To see the capabilities of these devices in more detail chexk out The Ultimate Guide To Every Device Series

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Can’t. I am only at level there because I kind of new.

Yeah use a pop up that is wired to a lifecycle. (So that it shows at game start)
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Also sadly not allowed. However there are many unofficial websites for gimkit that allow you too. Probably the best is the Wix

You and I have a different definition of “sadly”.
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True but it would make certain things easier and with the amount of times we have to tell people they can’t do it they would almost cancel out. It would just be a different problem we would have to deal with

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