How to make Memory Match in Gimkit (Full Version) 🟥

Good morning everyone! This is the real deal. No proof of concepts. No one picture explanations. Today, I will be showing you how to make working Memory Match in Gimkit, with Eight different tiles, and four different matches. Let’s get started!


Step 1: Place a barrier down.

Step 2: Place down your first prop. If it too small to fill the barrier to your liking, just increase the size.

Step 3: Go into layers, and put the prop on a lower layer than the barrier, if it isn’t already. This will ensure that when the game is almost done, you can’t see the solution.

Step 4: Duplicate the prop-Barrier combo. This is your first match.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 for the next three matches.


Step 1: Place a button. Copy it, and keep copying it until you have as many buttons as barriers.

Step 2: Wire each button to the BARRIER in the corresponding location, when each button is pressed, the corresponding barrier will deactivate.

You have now finished the very easy part. On to…


Step 1: Place an Item Granter, and set the item in it to be whatever you want.

Step 2: Wire one pair of buttons to the item granter, so that when one of those buttons are pressed, you gain an item.

Step 3: Repeat this process for all button pairs.

Step 4: Place a fifth Item granter and two Wire Repeaters. Wire four of the buttons to one Wire Repeater, four to another, and wire the repeaters to the Item Granter, so when ANY of the buttons are pressed, you get one of these items.

Step 5: Wire a Checker to the Wire repeaters, so when a pulse is received from any button, the Checker will run the check.

Step 6: Set the Checker to check if the amount of the fifth item you have is equal to 2. (In my case, the fifth item is Cash.)

Step 7: Place down four more Checkers, so that each checker corresponds to a button-item pair.

Step 8: Place down another Wire Repeater, and set the delay to ONE SECOND This one is simply pt save wire slots on the OG Checker, and to make sure that you can see your mistake.

Step 9: Wire the new Checkers to the New Wire Repeater, and the Wire Repeater to the OG Checker, so that when the OG Checker check passes, ALL FOUR NEW CHECKERS RUN THEIR CHECKS AT THE SAME TIME.

Step 10: Set each New Checker to check if the amount of item in their button-item pair is equal to 2.

Step 11: Place 5 Inventory Item Managers, one for each Checker. There are a few things that you have to configure for each one:

  • What item that they are managing (This should not come as a surprise, but these are ALSO corresponding to the button-item-checker trio!)
  • If they should show an alert for the item (No, but it helps with debugging.)

Step 12: Wire the OG Checker to its Item Manager, so that if the check passes, the item is cleared from your inventory.

Step 13: Repeat Step 12 for the rest of the button-item-checker-manager pairs, except now, if the check FAILS, remove the item from your inventory.

Step 14: Final Mandatory Step! YAY! Wire the Checkers back to the Barriers that they are associated with, so when the check fails, the barriers are reactivated.

And there you go! Fully working Memory Match in Gimkit! This is still kind of bare-bones, though. Here are some more things you can do to spice up the game.

  • Add a prize for finishing. This requires more wiring, but is fairly simple to do. All you do is add one more Checker, and if every Check passes, give out an item.
  • Set the Barriers transparency to 1.00. It makes the game harder, so you can’t cheat.
  • Move the buttons around. A good way to make the game harder, but it creates a absolute pain in the butt to find issues. Trust me, I speak from experience… :sob:
  • Add a timer This one is a little harder, so I’ll leave it up to the reader to either look it up or figure it out themselves.

This game is extremely simple, and can be made in about 15 minutes if you know what your’e doing. The real difficulty comes from all the wiring. And with that, happy building!


Well, darkening the barriers doesn’t make it so you can’t see thru them; Instead, set the transparency to 1.00

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That’s a lot of wires lol

So straight… :woozy_face:

Great tutorial!

This is a great gimmick for a escape room, thanks for the tutorial!

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I think this was my second guide… When I posted it, I felt so happy, because I increased the number of possible win states and lowered the wire count. Wait, how did you find this?

the bump from @WhoAmI put it at the bottom of my page, it was in white so i clicked and read

I decided to bump some older guides and this was one of them I found.

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