Help with ideas for ending of game

I am currently making a game were its aliens Vrs GIMS. To I win you have to take knock out enough players on the other team to get a keycard that can be used to takes over the ship if aliens or defends the ship if GIMS. But i want it to be a lil more action and give the other team a chance. Like if you take over or defend there is a mini game. Any ideas?

A boss fight or a peaceful ending.

This guide:

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choose your story idea: before the end you ascend and you have to pick a choice between 3 mysterious doors. each door has a different ending. ex. door 1 = good door2 = boss fight door 3 = bad. this way the game is replayable

can I tell you something on this

Like the ideas but I’m thinking more like a team V team ending because there are two teams competing against each other

combine my idea and hackers suggested guide so that there are secrets around the map and other stuff

Uh well the padlet’s not really good, so go to:

Ok this didn’t really help that much but ill mark a solution to close this

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