List of tags allowed for use in the GKC Forums

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Guide Category Tags

These tags are added to guides to indicate what type of tag the guide is. Tags in this chapter must be in Community Made Guides

Tag Meaning
psa Topics swaying people to do something over another action. Do not create forum psa topics.
resources Reference guides, more or less lists of guides about a topic.
gimkit-beginners Easy topics for Gimkit beginners to read.
forum-tips Guides about teaching others how to use the forum.
mini-guide Short guides that quickly summarize a topic. Do not make too short or repetitive guides though.
tug The Ultimate Guide, reserved for large, comprehensive guides.
wiki Wiki posts made by tl3 to be edited by TL1+ users. Often used for comprehensive lists or large projects that need to be edited past the 30 day limit.
concept Topics discussing abstract concepts like AUO.
nature-of Guides going deep into a specific device’s structure, nature and it’s uses, mostly exposing less-known devices to light.
idea-catalog Topics that are a collection of ideas for maps.
wip Work-in-progress guide.

Help/Bug Post Category Tags

Indicator tags used to group together help topics into different statuses. Must be in Help or Bugs.

Tag Meaning
resolved The topic was resolved by the community or the OP, but a solution was not marked.
ideas For help posts requesting ideas or inspiration.
clay-institute The hardest known difficulty and hard-to-resolve questions. If solved, they could open up new possibilities for building.
unresolved The help post has not been solved. In some cases the topic is actually unsolvable and has no solution.

Topic Tags

Tags discussing a specific topic, game, or Gamemode. Example of topics: Doki Doki Literature Club, Baldi’s Basics, Minecraft, Gimkit’s Farmchain, Gimkit’s DLD. Usually goes in Community Made Guides

Tag Meaning
among-us Topics about making Among Us in Gimkit.
battle-royale Topics relating to battle-royale styled games.
capture-the-flag Topics about making Capture the Flag.
farmchain Topics about making Farmchain.
tag-domination Topics about making Tag.
fishtopia Topics about making Fishtopia.
pokemon Topics related making Pokémon in Gimkit.
minecraft Minecraft mechanics
snowy-survival Snowy-Survival mechanics
halloween Halloween topics
fnaf Five Nights at Freddy’s mechanics.
rpg Topics related making role playing games in Gimkit.
tycoon Topics about making tycoon games.
escape-room Topics about making escape rooms in Gimkit.
trap Topics about making GKC traps and pranks to trick your friends.
christmas Topics related to Christmas art/builds.
voting Topics related to voting.
survival Topics related to Survival Games
isometric Tags about making art from an isometric perspective.
racing For racing topics.
bedwars For bedwars topics.
military Usually for an Art guide about military-related designs and creations.
baldis-basics Guides pertaining to Baldi’s Basics or tutorials to the game
one-way-out One way out mechanics
holiday Topics/guides about holidays e.g. Halloween or St. Patricks day. Can be used with other tags like halloween or christmas .


Tags that do not fit in the other categories.

Tag Meaning Recommended Category
platformer-bug Bug reports about the map style, Platformer mode. Bugs
research This is supposed to help people find genuine device posts out of all the off-topic posts put in Devices . Devices
technical Topics related to Technical Gimkit that are about complicated concepts. Redundant due to clay-institute and concept. Devices
bbsi Bring back Sentry interactions! Devices


Any other tags not listed here should not be used.


Thanks for improving the forum.


Thanks for the infromation! This will be very useful for new users.


I’ve seen a few new users creating the tutorial tag… do we keep or delete it?


I only included tags with at least one topic in them


Also, difficulty warning is redundant since we already have difficulty rating systems with teh emojis.


I put that note into the guide


@twofoursixeight how do you make a onebox? I can’t get it to work


line by itself

line by itself

We’ve agreed not to use difficulty warning, actually. And maybe you can add that the off topic tag isn’t there for people to use for their posts, its for marking posts for being off topic :]


I added the disclaimer


Wow, this is good! I made this a beginner-must-read.


Another thought- discouraging new users from using tags, since oftentimes they just make new ones or miuse existing ones.


Only TL3 users can create tags.


The tutorial tag keeps popping up on new user posts no matter how many times I delete it…


Those tags do exist, but a TL3 user orignally made the tag, but it never got used, so the TL0-2 users end up trying to use the tag


Speaking of which, are mods able to remove tags from the autofill thing?

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there is also length-warning


I wonder how do we delete these?


You have time to edit, quick!

Add a new-user-must-read in the table.