How to make a Boss and their special attacks (4/10 or 🟨)

This is my first block code guide! I hope you like it!

  • First, decide how many attacks you want. Then plug it into this block code. I used 3 attacks, with the first two having a 40% chance and the third having a 20% chance. (The boss I was making was called the translator boss. Name the channels whatever you want)
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.20.18 PM

  • Next make when it attacks. make a second trigger, make it have a __ second delay, and make the second one trigger the first when triggered. I recommend turning on the ___ second wait after entering a zone or going through dialogue, (which you can make with this how-to-make-dialogue-with-a-sentry guide.) I personally used a 4-second wait
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.46.16 PM
    (Note: DO NOT WIRE THESE TRIGGERS! I made a mistake while creating this guide. They should already connect with the channels)

  • I recommend trapping them in a small room to make the attacks hit more often, and turning on barriers behind them to keep them trapped (and despawn when the boss dies, using channels. Make it so that they are enabled on boss start (Triggered by entering zone), and off by boss death, which you will make trigger when the boss dies). You can also hook up a counter with a target of one instead of straight to the trigger and make it go to the trigger when target value reached to make it so that it only triggers the first time
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.47.40 PM

  • Next, make the first attack. My attack used 3 triggers, like this. The first had a 0.6 second wait and transmitted on 1.1 after receiving 1, the second had a delay of 1.5 after receiving 1.1 and sent on 1.2, and the third triggered on 1.2 with a delay of 0.6, then wire it to the trigger with the blocks

  • Make the 1-damage lasers turn on at 1 and off at 1.1, then make the REAL lasers on at 1.2 and off at 1.3 MAKE SURE THE LASERS DON’T HIT THE BOSS
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 6.55.51 PM

  • Repeat for 2 more attacks, but with changing 1.1 to 2.1 etc. The two attacks I used were one 200 damage laser and diagonal lasers. This was the final product
    Screenshot 2023-10-13 1.12.13 PM

  • Finally, make the block trigger disable when receiving boss dies. I also will ALWAYS recommend you give it max hit speed/accuracy, and a decent weapon to top it off

And there you go! Have a good day and happy gimkitting!


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Nice guide! Seems good for Dungeon Crawler.


nice i have been waiting for this since forever i needed a boss attack sequence


Nice job! This is an amazing idea!


I’m probably going to use this for my DnD map, thanks!


Do you mind if I have another guide on this? I had another guide in the works for a while on boss attacks as well.


Sure! Just remember to credit me if that’s okay.



1 question though:
I thought lasers don’t affect sentries

Since neither lasers nor sentries can move (on their own), I’m not sure and it might not affect sentries

I’m pretty sure they don’t.

Yeah with sentry’s no longer being able to interact with zones, it’s a safe bet to say that they can’t interact with lasers either.

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No, even before sentries could interact with zones or props or before it was patched, they couldn’t interact with lasers.

(This post was made before The Sentry our friend, friendly no longer)

#BBSI :saluting_face:

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Why does it matter if the lasers hit the sentry? Lasers don’t harm sentries.

I found out that they don’t harm sentries the hard way… A button that was supposed to kill sentries (zombies) in a cage

honestly I thought that they could be harmed by sentries since this sentry was almost dead, got hit by a laser and knocked out so, maybe they patched it or something

Not to be off-topic or anything but… Legendary Eternal Ultra Bump