Full guide on Undertale bosses and extras!

Sighs, my third guide on bosses.

I think normal boss fights are boring, you shoot a sentry standing still.
I wanted to make a boss fight based of the game UnderTale.

Quick summary of guide.

UnderTale has a interesting fighting mechanic, you dodge attacks, then get the choice to Fight, act, or spare. I wanted to make all three mechanics, but to not get flagged for copyright, I made these:

Fight, Shop, and Heal.

Dealing damage

Okay, Make a basic setup. (Two barriers, text, and emojis)
Screenshot 2024-03-11 5.56.55 PM
Make the button β€œFight” brodcast on the channel β€œfight”.
Place a property too, this is the boss’s psudeo health:
Screenshot 2024-03-11 5.59.17 PM

Place a trigger, edit it’s settings:

Now, you should make the health go down by (any number you want) each time you β€œfight”

Text displays

I don’t want to have a boring text showing the health of the boss, I want it to be more… colorful. Place a text block, and put in this code:

Now, when the boss loses too much health, it will change the health bar color, as it does in some games.

Making the shop

Teleport the player to (somewhere shoplike) when reciving on β€œshop”. Then, place a button, when pressed, make it open a popup like this:

Check if the player has enough money, remove money, add a not enough money notifcation, and make it give the player a red seed. Place an IIM (Inventroy Item manager) and set its settings to this:

Place a property called (whatever food you have) and do this to the IIM:
Screenshot 2024-03-11 6.40.20 PM
Now, you have a property that has a value of the amount of an item you have. (Credit to How to make a stylish cash counter (Difficulty: :green_square:). Make more things to buy, and make it so you can buy more at once.


Make a 3x3x3x3 area. (1 square is a 3x3 area with walls around it. A 3x3 array of 3x3 squares.)

This. Place a lot of triggers and teleporters so you can go to every area in the 3x3x3x3 square. Place one of the food items somewhere, (As an emoji) and place a button saying β€œEat (whatever the item is)”. Check if the property of the food is more than 0(See: β€œMaking the shop”), if you have it, remove the item and give health. This is the setup:

It checks if you have the item, then sends a notifcation while also doing stuff. In game:
Screenshot 2024-03-11 7.25.10 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-11 7.25.01 PM

You can also make text show the amount of the item you have. (Block code for this is in β€œText displays”)


Make the Fight, Shop, and Spare buttons deactivate on the channel β€œFight” and actitivate on β€œChoices”. Place a button labeled β€œEnd turn”, make it trasmit on β€œend turn”. When reciving on β€œend turn”, teleport the player to this kind of arena:

Use this guide to add attacks:
How to make a Boss and their special attacks (4/10 or :yellow_square:)
In β€œUnderTale”, there are differnet attacks, I will provide examples.

  1. BEAM, insta-kill lasers shoot from the boss.
  2. HEARTS, hearts float around, use this for the damage and make the ghosts hearts:
    How to make PAC-MAN! (with MOVING ghosts!) 3/10 :yellow_square:
  3. GRID, create a grid of lasers.

Then, teleport the player back when the attacks are done and brocast on β€œChoices”


Do not edit this without my permission.

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Added Making the shop.

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This is an amazing WIP, never played UnderTale so if this gets published can’t wait!

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Noice guide @gimmaster12345

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I am planning on publishing this. Thanks, though!

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Super cool! Keep up the great work!

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Oh and I think your guides are super cool! Make More ASAP! hehehe

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Added β€œEating”, will do the attacks today or tomarrow.


FINISHED!!! May update it though.


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