How to make boss attacks! (Difficulty 🟩 or 3/10)

Hey! In this guide I’ll be teaching you how to make a boss attack!

(Difficulty: 3/10 or :green_square:)

first you want to put two laser managers and 10 lasers put like ex. below:

Note: all the lasers should be deavtivated at game start
red laser → laser manager 1
Green laser → laser manager 2

In the picture the left laser manager is 1 and the right manager is 2

The left laser beam manager should be named: “Laser Manager1”
The Right laser beam manager should be named: “Laser Manager2”

now grab a wire repeater and put it anywhere, (probably somewhere close) and set the delay to 3 seconds. now grab a button and wire it to the wire repeater we just placed. Then, wire the wire repeater to *“Laser Manager1” and make it activate all controlled lasers, make all red lasers be controlled by “Laser Manager1” ex. picture below.

Now add two more wire repeaters both set to 3.0 seconds delay. Then wire the 1st wire repeater we placed in this guide to the 2nd wire repeater you’ve placed. then wire the 2nd wire repeater to the 3rd wire repeater. Then wire the 3rd wire repeater to the 1st wire repeater. ex. picture below

now make “Laser Manager2” for the 2nd laser manager. Make all the green lasers in the group of “Laser Manager2”. wire the 2nd wire repeater to the 1st laser beam manager, deactivating it. Then, wire the 3rd wire repeater to the 2nd laser beam manager, activating it. Then, last but not least, wire the 1st wire repeater to the 2nd wire manager, deactivating it.

Now finally place a sentry with however stats in the middle of all the lasers!

Then you can add borders or make the lasers bigger or even Changing the lasers or adding more attacks!

But now you have created a boss that can be activated by a button that has spell attacks!

Thank you for your time :smile: please notify me if there are mistakes or corrections! Thank you!

Credits to @Eeveeborg for making this post

- Aubec7 out



Nice guide.
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Nice guide! I really like how you made a cool design with lasers!


this page does not exist (when I click it says that), and I never looked at this anyways

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Guide! This will help me with my boss battle!


Nice guide!


Nice guide!


What should I do better next time?

  • better pictures
  • more details
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How can you make a item be granted to you once you defeat the boss

sentry knocked out -> grant item

You can just make it drop an item.