Can you plase help me with a boss?

I want a special boss with four attacks, one he activates deadly lasers, second he activates sentries, third he attacks you himself, and fourth he freezes you from moving for 5s so can you help? game link on group chat

For the 3rd one, we don’t have any way to subtract health unless you use pseudo health found here:

okay but what about the topic?

you could make it shoot but for the other attacks a barrier is around it thats player scoped

use a randomizer, make one channel activate lasers, one activate sentries, one deactivate the barriers, one sets a speed modifier that sets you to 0

For number 3 you could just have lasers that match the background.


what is a randomizer?

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for the guide, how to add block code when to stop an attack?

What do you mean by that?

this guide I made might help you

I know it doesn’t have all the stuff you need but after you get this, you might get the idea to do more stuff

this guide helped me a ton about block coding, read this and you’ll know all about it

be sure to mark a solution if something works @GoofyIzzyGuy !

Aren’t you not allowed to say to mark a solution on your own post?


@potato1 I am NOT saying to mark my post! im saying be sure to mark a solution on anyones helpful post to reduce clutter!


I understand you, I just wanted to make sure. If you misunderstood me, sorry