Sliding doors?(Optional to answer: Ideas for final boss room)

Hey! I was thinking of making a door that slides to the the side when in a zone. Help please?

i could help with my high speed animation(that cant loop :frowning: ) but my laptops bout to die


Ok! Any chance you can help me later?

Try using the bonus section of this:

and for final boss ideas, use boss guides like these:


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yeah just asked for a charger in class found one :slight_smile: so i´ll be here for a little longer

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Ok,lmk when you can explain it

so yeah it requires triggers which have can have a very low delay as i learned from getrithkd and used it for basic animation triggers linked to triggers with low delay and sends on channels that tell the poles to appear and disappear

ok thanks is that how i make the doors?

Use this.


yeah basically whats in the guide above just using low delay triggers lowest they can go is 0.0015 apparently :3

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Problem solved! I’ll use this!

Thanks for then help you two!

Also for boss ideas, use guides like these:

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