How to create a timer in Gimkit

So, uhh, lets use some pretty basic tech here guys, so let’s get started.


What you will need:

  1. 4 Triggers

  2. A Lifecycle

  3. Counter or whatever respawning prop… Maybe? (I will be using a counter)

First, place down your Lifecycle. Make it transmit on a channel if you want, but otherwise you don’t need to do anything

Second, place down three triggers. Click on one of your triggers and set time to whatever you want. Also, for your first trigger, make sure to wire or transmit on channel.

Third, place down your Counter (or prop) and wiring down. starting from 1st to last, triggered → trigger (XD), then triggered → trigger.

Fourth, well, you know what to do… Connect your Counter. (Notice I didn’t put the Counter in the last picture) Go like this on your wire: Triggered → Increment counter.

And yes, yes, this is so basic, blah, blah, blah, but we are having a LOT of new folks here, so I better include the basic stuff.

Fifth, place your FOURTH trigger, and do this: On your third trigger, do this with the fourth trigger; Triggered → Trigger, then Triggered → trigger (This is for your first one).

And your done!


Great guide @FireAlta2183 !!!

Nice guide!

Why don’t you just use a repeater and counter

:dizzy: 425 memory usage :dizzy:


Can’t you just use the game’s timer? Nice guide btw!

nice guide, @FireAlta2183 !

@FireAlta2183 You might want to credit these guides:

But nice guide!

P.S. you could use a repeater…
Also, cool guide! Newer people definitely need this!

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Nice guide @FireAlta2183!

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@GIMKING earlier said to use a repeater and counter. I tried it, and it gave me an idea to use an end game device and a counter. If you need help, instructions will be below.
First you need to get the counter and go to the Target tab. You will need to make these changes: and by the way, the target value is in seconds, so if you want 10 minutes in your game, type 600. For any thing else:

By the way, you need the channel name, so to end the game, you probably should name it something like “end”.
After all of the counter stuff is finished, you need that end game device and put the channel name.

Next, you will need to wire the counter to the end game device.

Last step, if you want to make your timer count up or countdown, go to Map Options “Featured” and select one of those options.
And you’re done! Hope this helped you!

And also nice guide @FireAlta2183 !