How to make blindness

What you will need

1 barrier
1 camera point
1 walk speed modtifer
kinda small yk?

  1. Color you barrier to be black and scale it screen size
  2. Move the barrier away from your map.
  3. Get the camera point and place it in the middle of your barrier.
  4. Get your system to trigger the blindness (I’m using a button) and wire it to the camera point.
    5.Get your speed modtifer and set the walk speed to zero. and then wire it to the button.

make a timer. using this guide How to create a timer in Gimkit but with out the life cycle, and set the target number to be how long you want the bilndness to last . then wire it to the button. then wire the counter to the camera point

When target number reached ----> deactivate camera point.
add another speed mod and set the walk speed to normal and do what’s the line above this one but wire the counter to the second walkspeed.

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But the player will still be able to move around…

This is a little short…

the optional part, can’t you just do a trigger… and it cant be optional, you have to be unblinded eventually…

also we need pictures

I forgot to add picture


walk speed is zero, it said in number 5

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What do you mean? The walkspeed will be 0? lol

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Oh sorry. I didn’t see that due to the indent.

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