Speedrun Timer (3/10)

This guide is for those who want to create obbys or any obstacle and want it timed for people.

Items needed:
2 triggers
4 wires
2 lasers
1 counter
1 property
1 game overlay

Memory Usage = 985

Add 2 lasers like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-09 1.05.45 PM
Set both lasers to do no damage,
Set top laser to start timer,
Set bottom laser to reset timer incase they go back to the lobby,
*Optional: you can make the lasers invisible in the all options tab and scroll to the bottom,
Now connect the lasers to a timer and make sure the bottom laser also stop the counting.

Add a game-overlay,
Make the position to be wherever you want (make sure the type is text and scope is set to player)
Go to your property of what the timer is counting and set when property changed transmit channel (anything you want)
Go to the game-overlay blocks and click on “When receiving on channel” and input (anything you want) inside the box.
And now add this into the blocks:
Screenshot 2023-11-09 1.13.06 PM
You can also change the overlay text before it starts to anything you want.

How to make a timer (if you don’t have a compatible timer):
Property settings -

Timer layout-
Screenshot 2023-11-09 1.23.30 PM
1st trigger:

2nd trigger:


Wire from trigger 1 to trigger 2, when triggered, trigger trigger 2
Wire from trigger 2 to wire-repeater, when triggered, repeat wire pulse
Wire from wire repeater to trigger 2, When wire repeater receives a pulse, trigger
Wire from wire repeater to counter, When wire repeater receives a pulse, increment 1

And now you’re done! You can optionally add an end laser to stop the timer.

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Nice guide!

Nice guide, @teapot ! I’m sure these will help loads of people.

Amazing guide! I am going to use this in my hunger games map.

Nice guide!

Big Ultimate Magestical Planet.
Oh, I meant BUMP