How to add Easter Eggs to your maps! [Difficulty 🟩 or 2/10]

Hello! This guide will teach you mostly about how to add some easter eggs to your maps with different levels depending on how hard you want it for the player to find them. Also, keep in mind easter eggs aren’t just something that rewards you, it can be an image, some text, hints, anything.


"The collectable"

So you want some easter eggs that are easy to find? Well, one idea you could use is to have a simple prop with a zone resized to on top of the prop, then wire it to the prop Player enters zone → hide prop Lastly, you want to connect either the prop or the zone to an item granter that grants any item. For example:

This is what you would want for your easter egg!

"The reveal"

For this easter egg you want some sort of switch that can be flicked when a player enters a zone next to it or on top of it. That switch would reveal a hidden prop or crate that would let the player destroy it to get an item. The crate would be connected to an item granter. For example:
Screenshot 2023-10-29 9.27.07 PM
(You can even add an animation if you want)


"The faulty wall"

To recreate this easter egg you want a wall that has something in front of it to cover it up like some plants or a barrier and then behind it (with collision off) have a room with whatever you want, it may be easy to make but it is hard to find. For example:
Screenshot 2023-10-30 8.27.13 AM
(You can add some more props to cover it up even more.)

"The find the button"

This goes to @Blackfox45666 for the idea. This easter egg has any number buttons you want that are all connected to a counter and you have to press all of them to unlock a secret door, or you can make it very noticeable so the player will realize they missed some buttons. You can also make some buttons hard to find and some easy so the player won’t feel down because they didn’t find any buttons. For example:
(This is just a small idea of what this could be, you can use any amount of buttons but make sure the player can still find them.


"The blend in"

For this easter egg you would need a wall that can blend in with the other walls but be a floor that the player can walk through. But you have to make it noticeable or they won’t be able to find it at all, this means add some props but small ones so it’s not too easy to find. You can also but a barrier over the first one so players can’t re-access it. For example:
(I ran out of walls.)

Hope this could help you even a little bit! This is still a work in progress but it will be done soon. Hope you enjoyed!


Nice wip!
Don’t forget to finish it!

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Nice guide!


The intermediate section is done.


Nice! This looks pretty cool so far!


just a suggestion maybe you can make an easter egg where you collect items with a one time use button and make the button transmit to a counter that increments whenever you press one of these one time use buttons that grant items or what not and have a target on the counter and make it open like a secret door once it reaches the target value meaning all the items have been collected


Oh, so you can find buttons around the map and once you find them they get deactivated and then if you find all of them a secret door unlocks?

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yeah basically and you can just add like a developers note in there and like health regen and what not

I’ll put that in the guide, thanks. I’ll even credit you.

ok thanks! glad i gave you an idea meow :3

Ok, it’s done now.

Also, does anyone know how to implement lore into your games? It would be useful for me to tell a story for my dungeon.

Look at this similar help posts for ideas:


Thanks, also do you know how much time I have to edit this guide? So I know how much time I have.

You have a 30-day editing limit as you are a tl2 (member)


Ok, thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.

what is that ticket item?

The ticket item is an item that can be granter from an item granter.

Nice guide! This will certainly help in the future!


One part of the Hard section is done.