A guide to creating good lore based easter eggs (Editing Expired)

credits: How to add Easter Eggs to your maps! [Difficulty 🟩 or 2/10]


fragmented tension build up

so this type of easter egg will include fragmented bits of lore like pages or audio tapes, each skipping in between. missing certain parts adding mystery to the lore and more questions to be raised for example lets say we put a pre-recorded transmission into ur game saying
“e-echo static this i-is echo company we need immediate back up n-now!” and when u add the next pre recorded transmission its going to skip a part of the story leaving it “fragmented” like in the name of this type of easter egg what this does is it raises more questions and suspense leaving it off at certain points makes an effect like a cliff-hanger in books what you can do to make stuff seem like its fragmented or cut off is these things

  1. cut off sentences mid-way to make it seem like they were interupted by something
  2. add “static” to ur sentences if ur doing like a audio tape or transmission
  3. leave out certain details as to why they were doing something or what they were atked by
  4. i have no clue :slight_smile:
side quest secret

so this is quite the opposite of the fragmented easter egg
so what you do here is you can add a secret side quest that unlocks a BIG secret not just tiny fragments of 1 big secret most games do a secret boss with these sorta secret side quests to make it tougher >:3 the main idea of this is kinda like a secret challenge unlocking a big piece of tasty fox treats :smiley_cat: WOOPS I MEANT LORE OK LORE!
like for example lets say when u defeat the challenge in the secret side quest it unlocks a radio transmission from your brother!!! saying “j-john i-is that (static) you?”
the main idea of this is basically just a secret challenge unlocking tasty fox-DARN IT I MEAN LORE

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