🔎 >=< The Ultimate Guide to coming up with lore/plot for your games! >=<

Hey there! @Haiasi here.
Today I will teach you how to come up with lore/plot for your games.
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What is lore?

Lore refers to the story of the game.
Lore can also be used to reward players that are very good at finding clues.

Setting a theme

There are many different themes of games. Here are a list of some of the most popular ones.

  • Arcade Games

  • Dungeon Crawlers

  • Infection games

  • Battle Royales

  • Board games re-creation

  • Fishtopia-Themed games

  • Farming\Farmchain-themed games

  • Island Survival\Beach-themed games

  • Among-us games/Murder Mystery games

If you want to know what props/terrain fit what theme of a game, look at this guide.
[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Props/Terrains and their Categories

Planning the story

There are 3 main parts of a story.

  • Beginning/Introduction
    Introduces some characters and the setting (where the story takes place)
  • Middle\Body
    Introduces a problem or villain and how the characters navigate through the problem/s or villain
  • End
    Shows how the characters solve the problem/s or defeat the villain
Using popups to your advantage

Popups are really good at displaying lore.
A popup well, displays text on the triggering
player’s screen. You can also change the font of the text or background color.

  • :star2: TIP: :star2:
    Did you know you can add Gimkit-approved images to your popups?
    Go to the “all options” tab for the popup and go to the “Item Image” setting. If you want a Speed icon,
    type “icons/Speed” and it will show a Speed image just like in the original CTF gamemode.
    Refer to the official Gimkit documentation page to see more Icon Images
    Item Images:

Icon Images:

(please bear with me if the links don’t work, I’m on mobile)

Using notifications to your advantage

Notifications are also a handy device to display lore.

  • :star2: TIP: :star2:
    Did you know you can choose the Icon that shows up on the left of the text of the notification?
    Go to “all options” and you can choose the notification type.
    What the icons look like:
    The Icon for “Info” is a blue circle with a white “i”
    The Icon for “Success” is a green check.
    The Icon for “Warning” is a circle with a :warning: sign on it.
    The Icon for “Error” is a red circle with an :x: on it.
    (I will add images once I get back to my computer)
Getting ideas

1: Look into official Gimkit game modes and maybe add some parts of it into your game

2: Now this is pretty obvious.
Ask the forums. Create a topic on Help with ideas tag.
Specify on what your game is about and it will be
much easier for people to give you ideas for lore.


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ermmm when we’re talking about plot, there’s acc 5 parts; the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution :nerd_face:

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