How to add Easter Eggs to your maps! [Difficulty 🟩 or 2/10]

yeah basically and you can just add like a developers note in there and like health regen and what not

I’ll put that in the guide, thanks. I’ll even credit you.

ok thanks! glad i gave you an idea meow :3

Ok, it’s done now.

Also, does anyone know how to implement lore into your games? It would be useful for me to tell a story for my dungeon.

Look at this similar help posts for ideas:


Thanks, also do you know how much time I have to edit this guide? So I know how much time I have.

You have a 30-day editing limit as you are a tl2 (member)


Ok, thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.

what is that ticket item?

The ticket item is an item that can be granter from an item granter.

Nice guide! This will certainly help in the future!


One part of the Hard section is done.

Wasn’t there a bug that allowed you to bypass the wall limit?
(Not using barriers)

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Oh. Wow, I guess I could do that. But then how would I show the player that you can break this wall? Thanks for the post, I’ll use this later.



Actually this is really helpful.

The faulty wall reminds me of no clipping into the backrooms! :smiley:
Great guide tho!

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Nah, bruv got flash backs. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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