[📜TUG] Prop Functions [Compilation]

Props are… practically useless. However, with some devices and wiring, you can make them a feature in your maps. With enough devices, you can even make a minigame out of them!

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Section credits are in chronological order if applicable. Otherwise, it’s the guide used and if stated, inspiration or original guide (like the stovetop) and who added it.

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These functional props grant items.

3D Printer

This guide by me uses a 3D printer prop, a button, and an item granter.

Section Credits
Guide by me

(Undercooked) Fish Pot

All you need to do is to make a stove from here:

…and make a fish pot which can be found here:

Then grab (place) a button and item granters. Wire the button to the item granters (button pressed>grant item for all of them) and make the item granters grant fish.

Note: I said item granters because the fish stack prop has a variety of fish, and granting one type of fish out of that pile of different varieties seems wrong.

Section Credits
I_Like_Props for the fish pot
Stove design was originally created by me

Random Item Granter (Loot Chests)

Section Credits
Here_to_help for the guide
CassiusDoomlorde for adding it


There are WAY too many guides on this (presumably because farming was too hard back then). So, here are three I found:

Section Credits

Appearance Change

These functional props MUST HAVE A VARIANT OF THEMSELVES to change color. Because not many props have that feature, this section will be quite short.

On-Off Arcade Machine

Part 1

Part 2

Section Credits
Koxin for the guide

Gate Console

Disclaimer: I made the gate console guide in a catalog of ideas (hence the idea-catalog tag) and I can’t just rip that section out of that topic, so here’s the entire post:

Section Credits
Me for the guide
The_7th_Dragon and Koxin (inspiration for Dragon’s idea) for the original idea

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can we add what props their is like @WolfTechnology 100 medival props guide for example or is that in another guide?

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mine was made first and for the update, but small updates can go into the guide that has all of the existing props.


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