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Hello, I’m Back to making Guides! As of Right now I don’t have a Functional Microphone. So, I won’t be making a TLDR. Also Because I don’t know how I’m going to Explain it (at the time of writing). I might add it later if/when I make a Video covering it. Also, I Decided to Make this Guide as I’m Using this Exact Crafting System in my new Creative Project: Craft. io.

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Okay, so this system uses checkers, so place one down. Set the checks to the # of items in your crafting recipe.

Next, place down a zone and as many vending machines as items in the crafting recipe. make sure they aren’t active when the game starts and aren’t visible.

Next, wire the zone to the checker with Player Enters Zone > Run Check.

After that go to check #1 and select your item. Then go down to comparison and select greater than.
Set the value to (the # of that item needed to craft) -1.

do that for the rest of your checks but with the other items

Next Wire the checker to the vending machines like This.

Next, go to your vending machines and set each one like this.

change “gray fish” to your item and 2 to the amount of the item needed. also set them to transmit on the channel.

next place down a button, and make it not visible in game. also have it not be active at game start.
wire the checker to the button and activate like you did with the vending machines.

Next, wire one of the vending machines to the checker and have it run the check again.

Next place a wire repeater and wire the checker to it. This will be to disable everything if the check fails. also when they leave the zone.

Then connect the wire repeater to everything but the zone and the checker and have it disable it.

After that place down an item granter set to the item your crafting.

set the amount to how many you’re going to get from crafting.

wire one of the vending machines to the item granter like this:

After that wire the button to the vending machine to attempt to purchase.

And there you go, get the items and craft! If this guide is helpful please like
You can also adapt this to make farming. |


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Also, This isn;t finished, so it hasn’t been revised or edited, please check back later for more info

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Yeah, looking cool so far. Kinda reminds me of Minecraft and all its crafting.

Also, This isn;t finished, so it hasn’t been revised or edited, please check back later for more info

I need to make minecraft crafting now
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i’ve already created it. it’s in my craft. io

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