Automatic Crafting? 🤔

How could someone make automatic crafting? Like you put in more than the amount needed automatically craft more than one item?

Is this possible? Let me do something quick…
@Coolcaden26 , what do you need this for?

I’m just wondering. It would be useful for Minecraft games. Should I move this to Devices or keep it in Help ?

I don’t think you can automatically craft, really. An alternative would be vending machines.

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I’ll keep this open then, in case someone else has an idea. If more people tell me it’s not possible, I’ll close the topic.

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I mean almost anything is possible it would we hard to choose the amount you put in though

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I mean… you could… use checkers and item granters… but that would be really complicated if you want to have Lots of recipes…

The polarain guide on auto selling!
Maybe tweak this a bit. This gives more cash the more of the item you have.

property for each item. when you go to the crafter or whatever, it checks for each number, probably use some divided by and subtraction functions to determine an amount of resources, or possibly have triggers to increase and decrease a counter that works with multiply functions to determine an amount of resources, then take resources and give the new crafted item times the amount on the counter i guess and then poof multiple items.

does that make any sense?

When the item is granted, trigger a trigger that takes away that item and gives you another.

A bumnch of Crafting guides that don’t use the Crafter.

Thats just crafting guides, not auto crafting. They want

Can you retrigger the crafting table? [1]

  1. I think I have used a crafting table a grand total of one time since it came out. ↩︎

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I think the crafting table device doesn’t do much, the crafting recipe does everything.


So look, you’d get the items you neeed and a counter and iventory item manager check them to see if they’re there, and when you have them they are auto crafted. (Definitly not the best explantion)

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