Crafting w/o a crafting table(🟩)

Let’s make a basic crafting system, that the player can use right from their screen’s HUD!

To start, place down an overlay gadget. set it up to be a button labeled ‘Craft’ in the bottom right.
Wire it up to a popup, set up as a modal. Title it ‘Crafting menu’, and add the ‘icons/backpack’ icon. Add two call-to-actions, one for each item category. name the primary ‘Gadgets’ and the other one ‘consumables.’ wire both call to more popup modals, with the same title and icon.

The primary’s call to action will be ‘wand’. wire that to a checker that checks if the player has > 0 shards and > 0 tan seeds, requiring both. Wire if check passes to 3 item granters, 2 to delete 1 of the items the checker checks for (grant -1), and 1 to give a wand.

Do the same thing, but requiring raspberries and wheat, and giving a med pack. wire that to the main popup’s secondary.

(Note: I will add pictures sometime.)

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Nice guide @BlueBaritone21 ! It’s possible that they might make a crafting device, so in the meantime, this will do!

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@Vortex-Mist You just had to search for it.

when was the incomplete tag a thing?

also, nice guide so far @BlueBaritone21!

for a shield can make the recipie a silver seed and water

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