The polarain guide on auto selling!

This my way on making a auto selling system.

First, place a vending machine, wire repeater, and trigger.


First, wire the trigger to the vending machine: Triggered ------> Attempt to purchase
Next, Wire the vending machine to the trigger: Item purchased -------> Trigger
Next, wire the vending machine to the wire repeater: Attempt to purchase fails --------> Repeat the wire pulse Last, wire the wire repeater to the trigger: When the wire repeater recevies a pulse -------> Deactivate trigger

The settings

The selling machine isn’t done yet! We need to edit the settings. Wire repeater:
Screenshot 2024-02-04 12.10.13 PM

Vending machine:
Don’t change anything but the “featured” page, but make the vending machine body not visible in game

Tell me if you find a bug!


nice! I might try that with one of @Crimson_Knight’s vehicle builds…

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Nice guide! Kind of short though…

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hey @gimmaster12345, with this system, can you sell things other than cars?

Cars? I was using it to sell ores, but it works with every item

oh sorry. I saw that the title was auto selling, so I thought auto like cars.

I means selling this automaticly

ooooohhhhhhh now I get it.

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It’s called that because you don’t have to click to sell one item at a time, it automaticly clears everyone of that item from you inventory, and it does it in 0.1 seconds.

you don’t need to mention of guides on here, as that’s advertisement, also, saying stuff like “I might try that”, could be used for pretty much any guide so isn’t necessary.


This is going to be so useful for fishtopia styled games. This is a cool alternative to loot tables!

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whaat did gimsolver just say!?!?!?!?!?! He said not to putnposts like this.

they said what kind of game it would be useful for and didn’t promote their own game

oh ok but stil, it is pretty similar so just pointing it out.