I need help a sell station

well, the title is self-explanatory. I need to make a sell station like FARMCHAIN and fishtopia where you can sell all of your fish/crops/items at the same time. how do I do this?

Something like this

Well, I would help but my sell station is just different vending machines that sell certain amount items at a time. Maybe you could use this?
It’s just an idea

yeah I thought about that and I have a lot of things that I wanna sell and that would be a tedious process to build AND play.

Ill look at the guides thx

Oh, alright than
Like i said “Just an Idea”

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The polarain guide on auto selling!
(First guide I found…)

so what would the settings for the vending machine be?

also does anyone know how to create the lottery machine from FARMCHAIN

Whatever you want to sell/buy.

but you cant put multiple things in the granted item section and I need a sell station for 15 items


Checker (checkers for item)
vending machine (trades “item” for cash)

Checker, vending machine: check passes —> attempt to purchase
Vending machine, checker: item purchased —> run check

then have a button wired to all the checkers

button pressed —> run check

(x15, so I would recommend channels)

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Make sure to deactivate the vending machine when it all reaches 0.

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how would i do that???

Coped what chrysotom said…

under deactivate when put a channel, and when it reaches 0 send out a signal on that same channel

sorry when the checker reaches zero?

actually i dont know. i dont think you need to deactivate it but im a little confused so take what i say with a grain of salt

u dont need checker, just a vending machine. the price is the material (xhowever much u want) and the thing u get is cash, u can use different vending machines for different materials