How to get a random item when you destroy a prop (🟧)

This might already be a thing but i made it by myself in my map, so here goes

By the way, this is if you want any of a specific group, for example you will get a seed for mine, and you can’t do all because of the block max, and even if you could bypass it it would take a lot of memory.


Chose the group you want. Mine is seeds so have an item granter for each of the item that could be possibly granted.
Like this:

i used ten possible items because of the maximum blocks in one block code.


Get a prop that can be destroyed (sentries might work but im not sure, i created it with props)
i will use a crate
wire it to a new item granter (mine are wired to a wire repeater and then to an item granter for organization because i have multiple crates)
the settings should be something like (when prop destroyed, run wire pulse


Set the prop to these settings:

you can have adaptive health

it gets trickier when we go into blocks


Go to the item granter wired to the prop and make these block settings:

this means there is also a chance that they don’t get anything! to change this set the random interger to 0-1000


Go into the item granters that grant the items and set one for each of the channels. (ex. one of the channels is seed4, so my cyan seed is granted when the item granter recieves seed4)


Get a property device. Mine is named crateproperty. Name it the same thing that the property in the item granter blocks was. Set it to these settings:

There you go, it should work. Happy Gimkitting! Please like and respond on what happened. Credit to @Cryptoraider_Gemkit for making the old forum fishing guide, it established my understanding of blocks, which were definently helpful here. Again, Happy Gimkitting!


Nice guide, @Here_to_help!

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