PLS Don't Open the Other Topic About fort n ight I get blocked at school

How can I make a chest like in fortn i ght

@LxmasHaxTakis could you reply on this one

So like when you destroy a crate, it gives you item(s)?

How ever it could work

Add a prop(whatever you want it to be). Then add a item granter(pick whatever item you want it to give when the prop is destroyed). Lastly connect the prop to the item granter using a wire and select when prop destoryed-grant item.

What prop should I use

Cardboard box maybe judging by how its the only prop considered a box.

Crates would work as well.

Oh ya I didn’t see that. Use the crate instead for sure.

Thx you guys, classmates don’t work out

Anytime. Now just pick a solution and this will close.

Also how could I make the loot in the chest random?

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