How To Make a Multi Item Requiring Farming System

Anyway, I was seeing the guide on how to farm,

and I decided to try making my own version that requires multiple resources. So like most others, farming corn is easiest due to the prop, so that is what is going to happen.

Materials: Vending Machine x2.
Button x2
Counter x1
Wire Repeater x2
Grown Cornstalk Prop
Empty Cornstalk Prop
Item Granter x1
Note:Make sure to set the buttons to be invisible

  1. Set both vending machines off screen, where the player cannot see or get to them… Set both of them to transmit on channels when purchased from. Set one to require water, another to require your corn seed.
  2. Set down your counter, and set the target to two. Set the counter so when it changes, it only applies for the player. Hook up the vending machines to On Item Purchased---------Increment Counter.
  3. Set a button down. Set the wires from button to vending machines to so On Button Press--------Attempt to Purchase.
  4. Set down a wire repeater, and set the delay to the amount of time you want for the crops to grow. Wire the counter to the repeater: On Target Reached---------Repeat Wire Pulse.
  5. Set down your two props on top of each other, grid snap is recommended for this. Set the grown corn prop
    6.Wire the one existing wire repeater to the two props. Set the wire repeater to turn off the empty stalk and turn on the grown stalk.
  6. Place down another button, this one is used to harvest the crops. Make sure it is deactivated on start, and set the scope to player. Set the description to something like Harvest Crops.
  7. Wire the wire repeater to the button: On wire pulse---------Activate Button.
  8. Take another wire repeater, and loop the button back to itself to make it deactivate on pressing it.
  9. Take an item granter, set it to corn. On button press (The harvest button) --------------grant item.
  10. Take the harvest button, and on pressing it, reset the counter.
  11. Take the counter and wire it to the original button, the grow button. On target reached-----------deactivate button.
  12. Take the harvest button, and wire it to the props. On pressing it, make it so that when you press it, it deactivates the grown stalk and activates the ungrown stalk again.

And there you go! There should be a (hopefully) functioning farming system. Tell me if there are any bugs in the guide, I am sure there are, and I will try to fix them! Also, if it needs to be cleared up, I will try my best to do so.
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Nice guide! Even without pictures, I could still easily understand it since you explained the steps very well : D


Does it work though by following the steps? I haven’t had time to test this out from the guide only yet, so tell me if I left anything out.


I’ll test it out when I have the time.


Is the new pfp a mastered version of the old dragon, or just an internet picture?

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They hand-drew it.


It’s based on the old dragon.

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I carefully read “Materials” and I noticed that you listed 3 wire repeaters, but you seemed to use 2 in the tutorial. Also, you listed 2 relays but didn’t use any relays in the tutorial.

Also, you have to make sure the grown corn prop isn’t active on game start or else you will see it before you grow anything. To add on, you didn’t mention making the buttons invisible. I know that isn’t necessary but I’m putting it here in case you forgot to add that.


Thank you!

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Bumpity bump bump bump! A farming guide before farming. Noice.