Prop and Device Tips 1: Idea Catalog

Here are some ideas that are too short for their own guide* (inspired by others’ ideas, but not copying):

Gate Consoles

A gate console is a prop. However, by following the same basic concept as The 7th Dragon’s playable arcade game, you can make a gate console “functional” using some devices.

The basics is that you can just layer a orange gate console (visible in-game) on top of a green gate console not visible in-game and wire something to the green gate console to show it, and wire the same thing used to show the aforementioned green console to the orange one to hide it. The other parts are for you to do, but I’d recommend something like my modified questioner or locked prop, just for the gate console though.

Vortex Items

So, the Vortex items, laptops and papers, are colored differently from the other props. Now, this isn’t racism (prop-ism?) in Gimkit Creative, but I am just saying, you might want to do that. This guide is quite simple, and only requires some hex code knowledge.

You need to place down a prop (laptop and/or papers) and go to the appearance section after you click it. Then, switch the hex to the grayish section. For laptops, I would recommend a hex code of 116, 114, 144. For papers, I would recommend 140, 135, 135.

Bonus: For extra credit, you could combine the case log guide that I keep repeating all the time with this one.

Speed Boosts

For this guide, you need a vending machine and a speed modifier. Simple, right?

  1. Place down a vending machine and speed modifier if you haven’t already done that.
  2. Now, adjust the vending machine settings so instead of granting an item, it transmits on a channel. Since you also want some more detail, put “icons/speed” in the vending machine icon (in the “Appearance” section, or go to the “All Options” section).
  3. Since it transmits on a channel, you don’t need to wire the vending machine to the speed modifier. Now, create a channel like “doublespeedpurchased” or something like that.
  4. Configure the speed modifier’s settings to the amount of speed you want it to grant. Also put the channel name (e.g. the channel name in the vending machine is “doublespeedpurchased” so you have to put “doublespeedpurchased” in the speed modifier too).
Vending Machine Tips
  • If you want to use an icon (such as the speed boost one) that still grants an item, then set the vending machine to “transmit on channel” and set the channel for an item granter or whatever’s next.

*I don’t want to get reported for “farming” views, badges, and likes. So, I combined all of these guides that I might get reported for in this abomination of a “guide.”

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