How To "Unlock" Something (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 )

Ever wanted to “unlock” something by using an item, kind of like that one file cabinet in Tag:Domination? Yeah, well, I just want to get started because I have to do something now.

Materials needed:
Trigger x1
Checker x1
Prop x1
Button x1
Popup x1

Step 1:
Place down a prop.
Step 2:
Place down a trigger and a button next to it. Then, place a checker.
Step 3:
Set the trigger to “Not visible in-game.”
Step 4:
The button should also be not visible in-game. It should also not be activated at the start of the game.
Step 5:
Wire the trigger to the checker. The wire should be Triggered>Run check.
Step 6:
Speaking of the checker, configure it to see how many checks you want it to run, and the item you want it to check. You can also mess around with how to check the item and the value used for comparison.
Step 7:
Wire the checker to the button. The wire should be Check passes>Activate button.
Step 8:
Place a popup and add what you want there.
Step 9:
Wire the button to the popup (Button pressed>Open Popup).
Step 10:
Repeat this however many times you need to!
Optional steps:
Step >8
Place TWO popups, one if the check passes and if the check fails. The one mentioned is if the check passes, and not if the check fails. Anyways, put what you want in the popup. Then, wire the checker to the second popup (Check fails>Open popup).
Step 9.5:
Add [insert number here] more popups and wire them in whatever order you want them to go in (Popup closed>Open popup).
Unlike the image below, the trigger should be layered on top of the button so you don’t want anyone who has the item required to accidentally skip the check.

And now, you’re done! The final result should look like this:
Sorry that there aren’t more pictures, I (think) can’t add anymore because I’m only TL1.


Yay! This is a cool guide.

Nice guide @eiqcrmeliutgwhc! I might use this on a map that I am making.

Nice job! You could also use a vending machine to do this as well. I added a difficulty to your title.

oh no I forgot about the popup

edit 10/5/2023: added it
edit 10/5/2023 again: added the second popup if the check fails

Thats not hard, it won’t affect anything else you have done when you add it.

:sparkles:Yes! You unlocked something! It’s a…


Just going to say something, nobody has a limit on pictures, I don’t think.

i found out later that tl1+ have infinite pictures

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