Modified Questioner

Note: If you don’t have a puzzle map, this needs some tweaks to do in your regular maps.

So, I don’t know how to describe this, but have you ever wanted to make a question-based system WITHOUT using a questioner device? This might not be very time-efficient, but if you’re making a puzzle map like me, you might want this.

All you need is however-many-answers-you-want-and-another-button amount of buttons.

For a two-answer scenario:

  1. Place down three buttons. Then, deactivate two of the buttons. The activated one will be called your “base.”
  2. Wire the base to the other two buttons (button pressed>activate button for both wires).
  3. Wire the deactivated buttons to each other (button pressed>deactivate button for both wires).
  4. Wire one of the buttons to your barrier, the thing preventing the player(s) from skipping the level. This should deactivate the barrier, and this is the correct answer to the question. If you don’t have this feature, then you should add this because this relies on a correct answer to move on.
  • Wire the incorrect answer to a “fail path.” This path should be a punishment for getting the question wrong.
  • Place a camera view device so the player can’t view anywhere else. This applies for the correct and “fail path.”

Now, you’re done! Remember, if you need more answers than two, then just add another button.


This is pretty cool! Nice guide!

What is a puzzle map?

i don’t think that term has been used before but it’s basically if you have a lot of puzzles for the player(s) to solve


Great guide!

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bump of embarrassment (puzzle maps are basically dungeon crawlers but i didn’t know that yet)

Oooh…haven’t seen this before, noice guide!