Recreating Interland Part 1: Kind Kingdom [Massive WIP]

Keep in mind that this is a WIP, I may need some help, and don’t you dare edit my wiki.

(Note to @FersionSpeedy: I already kinda called dibs on making Kind Kingdom in December, so yeah. Also, you can make your own version).


With that note-that-I’ve-been-trying-to-get-out-for-3-months out of the way, I just wanna get started on the guide. So a short intro now. Yay?


Part 1: Preparation

Kind Kingdom might as well be the second-hardest to make, right behind Mindful Mountain. So, we might as well be prepared, because just check out the functionalities part.

If you do not see a quantity next to the material, then it just means that there’s a lot of them (for the modified questioner, it’s because I haven’t gotten to that part yet).

  • Modified Questioner (made by me!)
  • Sentries
  • Platformer map (of course) x1
  • Props (optional)
  • Teleporter
Part 2: Scenery

Well, what is Kind Kingdom’s landscape like? What seems to be like (blue) castle ruins on top of grassy, floating islands. Well, what this looks like to you, really:
Screenshot 2023-12-23 17.19.11

Beautiful, right? Well, we can’t exactly recreate the background scenery, but we can use props that are translucent (to give a distance-like feel) and don’t have collision (you don’t want to jump into the background, do you?). You also might want to tint it blue to match the real game.

But one problem: It’s on terrain, and you can’t make floor terrain in platforming. So, you could find a way around that, but I’m not covering it in this guide because I don’t know.

Backgrounds aside, it’s time for the actual terrain. Now, Gimkit [Creative] is limited, so we can’t really make those ramps (like they do in the actual game) without it looking a little off with barriers. We’ll use grass only because the stone terrain here in GKC doesn’t look the same.

Part 3: Functionality

Yeah, there’s a lot to this…

Making the Types of NPCs

Now we’re at the next part! This goes along with the scenery part, but we want lots of sentries all over the place. There are different colored Internauts and just different colors, but they haven’t implemented enough gims into the game for that to happen. You can pick your own set of gims for this.

The important thing is that you do this:

The normal one is on **your team** and is the victim, and the modified one is for the bully.
The Heart System

Hearts are how you get points. So, for this, we’ll have to make the hearts and the point system. The point system should be pretty easy, but the heart-giving-and-receiving will be hard.

Megaphone System

This isn’t that hard. All you need is a blaster (because it looks like a megaphone) and a “bullying” sentry (the sentry that should bully the others).

  1. Place down an item image device, button, and item granter.
  2. Make the item image a blaster, wire the button to the item granter (button pressed → grant item) and the button to the item image (button pressed → hide image).
Moving Things Around

There are multiple things that move around:


Every once in a while, if you give lots of hearts, then a wooden platform will go up, which allows you to access higher areas. It seems like it’s at a certain point, so let’s calculate that!


Between every section (see the next section for more on that), we need a transition. In Interland, there are two types of them: ladders and cave entrances. For the ladders, you can make lots of wooden poles and the cave entrances can be made with a long pillar of terrain and black barriers (one circular, one rectangular) making the entrance.


What’s this section about? Well, it’s because we have to repeat it. Twice. If you’ve never played the game, there are four stages. We’ve done one so far. Repeat it twice and you’ll have three, that’s what teachers taught you in kindergarten (or was it 1st grade? Oh well, doesn’t matter).

Remember, use a different layout each time so it’s not the same!

Final Quiz

This is where my modified questioner guide comes in handy! You’ll need a couple of these.


  • wingwave helped with the mechanics, more specifically, the NPCs.
  • I started the Interland guides, but Blizzy kinda helped me get motivated to do the others.

And that’s Kind Kingdom. Again, this is probably the second-hardest one to make, so just take your time on making it.

Polls will be added when this guide is complete.



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