Recreating Interland Part 2: Reality River [Difficulty: 4/10 🟨]


Note: Please do not yell at me for everything not being a hexagon. This was meant to be as memory-efficient as possible, so I didn’t take the time to duplicate and angle barriers.

You may be asking why I’m making a new recreation guide when I’m not done with my Fishtopia one. Well, that’s almost complete and I wanted to do something unique.


This is going to be hard.

Making the Biome

Tip: Put the snow and water terrain on a higher layer.
First, we need our terrain. Since there’s really only one red terrain, we’ll have to use it. And that is red plastic! However, the orange lining isn’t pretty, but we’ll cover that up later. For now, we’ll just have to deal with it.

Second, there are white splotches everywhere. Since we have to make do with Gimkit’s limited terrain selection, we have to use snow.

Now for the most important part: the river. Place water across the entire place. This will be our river, but you don’t want to make it walls because of what we’re going to do next. For now, we will have this… thing:


For now, just place a button at your starting point. This is very important.


The platforms are the basis of Reality River.

Setting Them Up

You want to make barriers that are tinted red, along with a smaller barrier tinted white. Layer the white barrier on top of the red one. Now, copy that however many questions you want there to be. The only setting you have to change is the “active on game start” one. Just set it to no.

Here is the design:
You can mess around with the transparency too.

Teleporting There

Place a teleporter and wire the button to it. Then place the teleporter on the platform and you’re done! Simple, right? The next part(s) aren’t though…


Disclaimer: DO NOT use questioners. If you publish this, then you will not be able to control what the player is answering and destroys the purpose of the game.

Question Mechanism

Well, whaddya know, I already made a guide on this.

Just make sure the buttons aren’t visible in-game. Also copy two/three more of those platforms and use a zone instead of another button.

Now it should look like this:
Don’t mind the extra wires.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Wire the zone to a popup. Make the popup ask the player an internet-security-related question. Then make the popup activate (popup closed>activate button) some buttons (not specifying how much because there can be two or three options).

Also make it so when the popup is closed, it sets a checkpoint there. NOW here’s what it should look like:
Don’t worry, everything’s going to be more chaotic from here.

Correct Answers

Hooray! You got it correct! Wire the button to disable the other buttons and hide their platforms.


YOU GOT IT WRONG?!?!?! In Interland, you fall in the lake and the platform disappears. So, let’s replicate that!

  1. Wire the incorrect answer buttons to a respawn device.
  2. Also wire the aforementioned buttons to their respective platforms, hiding it.

Now it’s time for the next part.


What happens after you get a question correct? We just deactivate the button. Wire each button to a wire repeater to deactivate it.

Timed Questions

In Interland, timed questions are stressful. How do we do it? Well, do you remember the zone for question-answering? Now wire it to a repeater that increments a counter every second. Then, wire the counter to the respawn from device from earlier.

However, what if you get the question right before the timer is over? Wire the zone to a wire repeater, then the wire repeater to the repeater from earlier to stop it.

Here’s what it should look like:

Ending Test

You know, the test at the end to prove you learned something?


You should have your pathway done and your ending point. Now place a button there and wire it to a teleporter far away. Also use the teleportation section here:
The Advanced Biome Building Guide


Since the final test areas, no matter which one you chose, are white, use the snow with the guide linked above in the previous section.

Final Result

You’re done! Now you’ve made the Reality River from Interland.

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this is a wip, i have to go now so bye

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this looks good…you should publish this to teach kids correct internet usage


Nice! I actually love interland… but the green part is the best…


@eiqcrmeliutgwhc Can make one of the Interland parts?

Thoughts about the other parts:
Green: Pretty much impossible, we can’t make a Platformer
Blue: We don’t have any bouncing bullets… Maybe do moving sentries?
Yellow: Put random Triggers on the floor, run on them to get items, steps on rock/trigger → Neg Item Granter?
Part 2 of Yellow:
Counter/Timer that will destroy your “tower” after time is up, you build the tower to make the timer add more time?

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I remember Interland. It made me so mad.


Why? The only fun was green, btw.


sure i can, after i’m done with fishtopia and reality river which will be about a day

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I meant can I make one?

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oh you meant that? sure

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i was confused because you said

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Oh, sorry, typo… :slight_smile:

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I’ll make Yellow, if you don’t mind. We could probably make up a whole Wiki for Interland :slight_smile:

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that’s fine. i was going to do kind kingdom (green) next when platforming is released and blue is… practically impossible in terms of functionality

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Yeah. I’ll make a wiki for Interland once the POSSIBLE guides are out…


omg how could i forget about the final test area

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Yeah. I didn’t do that. I don’t want to do it. Yet.

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also i realized the order is:

  1. kind kingdom
  2. reality river
  3. mindful mountain
  4. tower of treasure

What? I did it reversed…

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not the order to do it in, just what google (the creator) says