The Art of Classical Psuedo Teaming: A Comprehensive Guide

The team function in Gimkit gets a lot of use. There are a lot of extremely helpful things you can make by just knowing how to change teams well. Take this guide for example:

However good the team function is in Gimkit, it has its limits. You can’t set a property to only a specific team. You can only have sixty teams. You can’t switch your team without dying. There are various other problems that require a finer level of nuance that you just can’t solve with the existing team system.

You may be asking yourself: How on earth am I going to be able to fix these issues? Is Gimkit Creative really this bad?

Thankfully, the answer to these questions is a definite no, with a new technique that was discovered.




The red question mark represents the myriad of ways you can grant the players items, and the blue question mark represents the various ways you can check for the item and do stuff accordingly.

The official definition of psuedo teaming is giving only certian players an item, then using checkers, inventory item managers and/or block code to do things to that specific group. This allows you to treat that group as a team, but the game does not recognize the players with an item as an actual team. Both of these properties are extremely useful.

The real usefulness of psuedo teaming is how many different ways you can give certian players different items. Maybe you want only people who have gone to a certain area to be on a different team. No problem, change out the question mark for a zone, and you’re good to go! Perhaps you only want people who are extremely good at the game (ex: 10 tags) to get a harder game. No sweat! Just make something along the lines of this:
You can also customize the way you check for an item. There is the basic way, with a checker. However, you could also add an inventory item manager to a property, and now you just unlocked the whole world of blocks to help you. The possibilities are almost endless!

If you ever have team problems, the problem might be that you don’t need an actual team, but a psuedo team. However, just like concatenation, this is an art, not a science. You can’t solve all your problems with this. But you can solve an awful lot.

As always, happy building.

-ClicClac & Beanine.


Don’t mind me, not done yet. Just have to invent something else first.

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Also by the way you put certian instead of certain
Nice guide, though!

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You may want to remove that, because it’s been around for quite some time (not rudely, just that others might get offended)

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Can you change it to “was discovered” and remove the few weeks ago? I’ll make it wiki for five minutes.

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Come one, come all! Try to find a flaw in the flawless art of psuedo teaming!


Pseudo teamers in FFA can’t defend eachother…


What do you mean by that? The wording is kind of weird.


In FFA or Cooperative, Pseudo Teamers Can’t Attack/Defend other players.


I understand why they can attack each other, but what do you call defending?


Nevermind, Pseudo-Teamers in FFA can also attack each other.


In that situation, you probably aren’t using pseudo teaming for teams. I use it for checking if a player has done a certain thing.