How do I Evenly Split the Players into 2 Teams Mid-Game?

I need it so that it starts as a free-for-all, and it changes into team vs. team.

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Also is it possible to have knockouts and flag counts in the same property for the score? Just wondering.

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I don’t know much about the flag, but as long as you aren’t using every item at the same time, you should be able to psuedo team!

The Art of Psuedo Teaming: A Comprehensive Guide

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You could use the triggering player’s team block to switch them, for example, if the number is lower than the number of players in the game/2, switch them to team 1, else switch them to team 2.

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Does this work? Then get solutioned. Also the flag counts and knockouts are possible to count towards the same property.

You could also check if the team number is even or odd, and psuedo team them that way.

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Yeah. That would work as well.

It is possible, if you use a property to measure flags AND KOs with a knockout manager.

Sorry everyone, I had to go for a little bit. I’ll test it out now!

Another option is to give an item when a player is knocked out or a flag is captured and set that item as the score. (helpful if you need different amounts of points per knockout or flag-capture)

I think it will work, but can you show me a screenshot? I’m still learning how to do blocks efficiently.

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I’m gonna go with ClicClac’s method since it is easier, so

This should work, I haven’t actually tested it out though.

One word: Concatenation.

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Sorry for the inconvience, but what do channels Team1 and Team2 go to? A team switcher?

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I think

Yes. Team 1 switches your team to Team 1, and Team 2 switches your team to team 2.

That’s only changing the person that triggered it. I need all the players to be one Team 1 or Team 2. How about trying your method?

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You could use a relay, couldn’t you? So it runs on the behalf of everyone?

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