The Art of Classical Psuedo Teaming: A Comprehensive Guide

I definitely didn’t just read this for the first time and realize how smart it is. Great guide!


Yes great guide, and lol @Blackhole927!

i use FFA pseudo teaming for freeze tag so no team switchy needed (no die die). Yes, im back and im unsilenced :slight_smile:


oh u got unsilenced???


I thought of this idea before, its a good idea!

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Could you just use a player specific property of CurrentTeam?

Wait what’s the context?

Like, instead of switching teams, to give something to everyone on team one a green seed, you could have a player property, called CurrentTeam.
Then, to see who gets a seed, run a signal to a relay set to everyone, then run that through a checker: If this person’s CurrentTeam is 1, then give them a green seed.
While this wouldn’t work for tagging, it could switch between teams for certain purposes without killing them.
Just a little theory :]


That’s property-based pseudo-teaming, like custom classes.

I just thought of this!!! We can use PIPs to make this more efficient!!! We can save like [number teams] -1 properties with this. Now, we just have to give a different number of each item. Maybe this is just NPT though.


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Melee attacks would work though. Maybe I can make a guide on a melee attack system…

You made it work!!! I tried so hard and now I am stuck…(probably will fix it later)

I only have an idea in my mind. I don’t know whether it would work or not.