The Art of Classical Psuedo Teaming: A Comprehensive Guide

I have three: 1. use lasers with overlay device and tag zone, 2. use a coordinatte system and then use a property for health and laserz to finish the job once health => 0, 3. use overlay then deal damage through properties that affect only a property for health then use lazerz to finish the job.

I have just realized what this means:

Tag zone, checker, item granter, right? It is from this:

Are we even using that anymore?

I don’t think we ever started using it that much though


Out of curiosity, why don’t we just do this with properties? It seems a whole lot simpler, and the players can’t drop 'em.

I ask cus I was about to make a guide on ROMP teaming (resolution order manipulation psuedo-teaming) and I didn’t want to undermine it by having this WAY easier method

That’s what NPT is.

I thought it was just having different amounts of items vs just having items in the first place

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time, there was a phoenix. He didn’t know how to code, or anything about Gimkit really. About two weeks after Creative dropped, he saw the New button, and had to click on it. He then spent the next few days messing around with terrain. Once he was done with that, he then took a look at the devices, and wanted to make a real life game in Gimkit. He thought to himself, what game would be the easiest to replicate? He looked up the rules to Memory Match, and started building.
Once he started, he had a problem. He had no experience with coding or making games, and had no idea on how to make mechanics. So he spent a couple of hours messing around with item granters, and avoiding properties like the plauge.
Eventually, he got the items to work exactly as he wanted them, and could run complex interactions with nothing but checkers and item granters.
And CPT was born, along with ClicClac’s Memory Match.

So yeah, you could replace them with properties.

Yeah, I use this a lot nowdays. Its helpful to keep around in case I run out of properties though.


that was a beautiful story, brought a tear to my eye

have you considered being a professional person-who-reads-books-on-youtube-for-children?

and alright then. At this point there are just so many different types of psuedo-teaming that there’s no point in keeping track anymore lol


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What is ROMPT and PPT? We HAVE to come up with better names for those.

Property psuedo-teaming and resolution order manipulation psuedo-teaming. The first is exactly what it sounds like, and the second uses AUO to basically do the same as PPT, but in a more convoluted way.

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Ooh, Aah! Abstraction guide has food!


Different levels of abstraction provide content.

ok lol

Never read this until now. Pretty cold.


So in pseudo-teaming, can you damage each other?

Yes, it’s putting everyone on their own team.

the big flaw of this is that players can drop their items.

but the thing is…
that makes for a wonderful puzzle map :smiley:

also bump lol