Help with among us

So I am trying to make an among us map, and I followed the instructions to make an imposter by switching the imposters team. However when doing this it caused the imposter to become yellow for a few seconds and this means that everyone will know who the imposter is, could anyone please help


What do you mean the imposter turned yellow, could you give a screenshot?

if it’s a bug it should be tagged under Bugs


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whats your normal avatar

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it is sketch (the spelling is bad, but it is the legendary)

I think that happened since when you switch teams, you respawn. Try just giving a random person an item instead then using checkers if you want to do actions for the imposter.

how do you prevent it from respawning?

You could have everyone respawn.

You can’t unfortunately. However, you can use pseudo teaming like I mentioned. Or just make everyone respawn like getrithekd said.

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no i in between k and d

Fixed it, sorry

Its ok.

By the way, welcome to the community! Mark the best comment as a solution.

thanks for your help

Code alert! Code alert!

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YOU CAN TURN OFF SPAWN IMMUNITY. You flash yellow because it is showing spawn immunity. Setting spawn immunity to 0 seconds should resolve this without pesudeo teaming.


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