Text on screen with no teams?

Hello, haven’t been on the forums for a while, but here is my question, how do I make text appear on the screen for some players lets call them 1 but not for others without making teams lets call them 2? And also have a different text appear on the screen of the person 2 and not on the screen of person 1?

You can you use relays and property checks to reach specific players but that probably is something you don’t know how to do since you‘re asking.

To have me help you better how are the groups being specified. (What do the players need to have to be part of that group)

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I was just going to teleport them randomly to one team or another.

i think imma just put text on the floor honestly

So you want teams but don’t want to assign players actual teams?

This would be Psuedo-Teaming

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