Cod zombies or fortnite map

Which should I make a COD zombies map or a fortnite map

  • Cod zombies
  • Fortnite
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Both are copy righted, so if you want to publish them, you can’t. So i suggest you find a game to make that is not off of a different game.

Ik that they are just going to throw my own remix of it so its not a copy of it but it still has the general idea of it

um, ok. well here are some guides on both of these topics.

Cod Zombies

Ice staff disc from Origins! Inspired by Cod Zombies! [Difficulty: ⬜]
How to make a prop you can walk through(Inspired by COD Zombies)
How to make a Cod zombies round based system
How to make working Stamin-Up! Inspired by COD Zombies! [Difficulty 🟦] Perk A Colas V7
How to make all cod zombies perk props
How to make Double Tap Root Beer! Inspired by COD Zombies


How to make a Fortnite building system (difficulty 3/10 or🟩)
How to make your own Fortnite Gims
How to make a "moving" poison fog [🟨]
Helpian Way of Making a "Moving Poison Fog" (Storm) [Difficulty: 🟨]


Not bad guides thanks

and the votes are in it looks like its gonna be A Cod zombies type game

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