Helpian Way of Making a "Moving Poison Fog" (Storm) [Difficulty: 🟨]

Ok, so before we begin, I would like to credit this guide:

with being the original storm. However, once someone needed help saying that it wouldn’t work, and when I posed my solution, they said I should make a guide. Well, I finally decided to do it. So, here it is:

The solution:

First, we need a couple zones. Based on how big your map is, get more or less. This will be the boundaries of the storm. It will go from one to the next one inward, so on until one is left or it is closed. For the example, I will be using six zones. Next, get a property. Name it “storm”, and make it a number. The default should be 0. Now, get some sort of repeater, whether it be the device, a wire repeater clock, or a trigger clock, and have it set for an amount of time. This will be the time between storms. Now, have another property. Label it “zonesin”. Wire them all to a counter. When player enters zone → increment counter. When player leaves zone → decrement counter. The counter should update the property “zonesin”. Have another counter. It should start at zero. It should increment when the repeater repeats. Have it track the property “storm”. Here comes some block code. Have a trigger run when the repeater repeats, and when the property “zonesin” changes. Add in this block code:

If { (get property { zonesin) [≤] (get property { storm)
Do { broadcast message on channel { out

Finally, have it deal damage when receiving out. This can be with psuedo-health, property-health, or my suggestion: just force respawning them (or switching them to spectator). That’s it!

How it works

When you enter a smaller zone, your “zonesin” property increases. Now, based on where the storm is, if it is in the area you are in, you lose. Simple. So if you are in 3 zones, we can tell which zone area you are in. And, obviously we know the storm area. So, like I said earlier, simple.

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@Here_to_help thanks for this guide! I always wanted to know how to do this.

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Thanks! Just don’t forget to check out @Pika_Pokemon’s much simpler way of doing this!

Nice guide, @Here_to_help! Great solution to @Pika_Pokemon’s old guide!

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Uh… I guess. When I get home I could, because I will have more time.


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