How to make a Cod zombies round based system

So lets say your making a cod zombies map, and thought “how would I make a kill based round system”, well I’m here to fix that. for the sake of simplicity, it will not show how many kills are left, only what round your on so lets begin

you will need
. 3 counters (more if you want increased kills to get to the next rounds)
. 2 wire repeater
. 1 trigger
. 1 game overlay
. 1 property
. 1 knockout manager

Step 1.
place down the KM
and set it to sentry to test

Step 2.
place down a property and a game overlay, name the property something like rounds

Step 3.
Make a basic wire repeater clock and set the when triggered channel to count up or count and wire the KM to trigger the trigger when target knocked out

Step 4.
go to blocks in the GO and use these blocks

Step 5.
Get the 3 counters and set the target on 2 of them (top one target 10, bottom one target 1) (the side one also updates the property) and a wire repeater set to at least 2 seconds

Step 6.
Time for the wires
Top counter wired to side one
when target reached - increment counter
top wired to bottom
when target reached - increment counter
bottom wired to top
when target reached - reset counter
top wired to wire repeater
when target reached - activate
repeater wired to bottom
when activated - reset counter

and your done, I hope you enjoy this kill based round system!

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cool guide!

Nice guide!