Ice staff disc from Origins! Inspired by Cod Zombies! [Difficulty: ⬜]

For all you Cod Zombies lovers,this prop is for you guys!
1: Get a circle barrier,no border
Screenshot 2023-11-03 4.18.27 PM
2: Clone that barrier, dye it blue. R=0, G=179, B= 255. Make it smaller and put it in the middle! Done!
Screenshot 2023-11-03 4.18.42 PM
Now,you too have the Ice Staff disk from Origins!

Nice art guide!

Thanks! Once again, inspired

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Next time the real Ice Staff

Nice guide! Just so you know, art guides are nearly always :white_large_square:, unless it’s one like a FrozerCursor guide. I updated that for you.


I didnt know how to make it white

It’s : white_large_square : without the spaces. Now let’s all get back on-topic.


Perhaps you can add more to this since it’s very short. Maybe a variety of props.


Ok thanks @wingwave !

ice staff idea: we don’t got an ice staff yet so i guess use the zapper bullet as ice staff bullet when fired.

Yeah,but i was thinking of it as a prop. Wait till more comes out!