Trick Or Treat Map

I want to make a trick or treat map. The goal is to earn as much candy as possible by asking people. You have to empty your bookbag at a table with candy. You can buy bookbag upgrades to store more candy. You also need to do tasks to earn money. With the money, you can buy items to help you earn more candy, like cashcandy and lotterycandy. I need a lot of help, so solutions would be greatly appreciated

@Coral just posted a guide on this. You should check that out!

that was hot potato; halloween edition

It is a similar topic, and I thought it could be useful.

oh yeah, I guess you’re right.

Who will you ask? Players, or sentries?

pobably docile sentries, since the players will be doing the trick or treating.

what is the closet thing to candy in gkc?

Blueberries or this: :candy:

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ig i could use blueberries since emojis cant be granted to players

You could use berries.


Blueberries are round, like some candies, next would be potatoes but uhhh potatoes for Halloween???

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Sorry for repeating the same thing you said, but I replied before I saw it.


For getting candy from others, you could either use trading sentries or popups:

You could adapt the selling system in Fishtopia to your desire:

For items/upgrades, you can look at these guides:

A randomizer may also be useful (in my opinion):

Hope these guides help!

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Thank you, but one question. How to get the bookbag ?

and how to make it upgrade?

You can use candy as an item, make a limit with an item inventory manager, and you have to empty it with a button, and you can raise that cap by deactivating and activating another iim

You can make the upgrade deactivate and activate IIM’s (Inventory Item **M*anager)

Item Purchased > Deactivate Inventory Item Manager

Item Purchased > Activate Inventory Item Manager

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