The Ultimate Guide for coming of with ideas for Guides

Ok, bored? Want to make something but have no idea? Well, I’m here to help!(No offense to @Here_to_help)

There are a few main ways for coming up with ideas for guides. Here they are:

Number One

Made a new game? Is there a guide about making something like this? No? Well, make a guide!
How to make a Survival Game where you NEED a few things to survive | Difficulty 4/10
This is my guide about making a survival game. Not many guides like it, eh? Other guides that are a one only type of guide are @ClicClac 's Tic-Tac-Toe and @Dayy 's Chat System.
You can make something original too!

Number Two

Look at all the Among Us Voting Guides. There is @youare2 's version, @WhoAmI 's version, @EggNoodle 's version, and @getrithekd versions, 1.0 and 2.0.

That’s a lot! Look at the fishing guides! There is mine, and @Reidaelland 's.

These are all different versions, some are simplified, and some are made differently. You can do this too! Of course, make sure to credit your guides!

Number Three

Second to last one. Making a guide to help. This is tied to Number 2. Maybe there is already a guide about this. But, someone cannot understand it. At all. People try to explain it, with no use. You can make a new guide to help.
Some guides make no sense and do not work at all(No offense to anyone), and you can tell the maker of the guide to edit it! Sometimes, though, that person is gone from the forums and no longer comes. No copyrighting is allowed, of course.
Do NOT copy a guide just because you want to edit it. You can use the parts in the guide for your own, but DO NOT use the exact words. Reword them. Make them your own. Have fun writing them

Number Four

Last one. This usually happens when a guide is long gone in the days. Some guides just get forgotten. You can bump them, or you can make a new one.
Some guides may seem like they never existed. Some guides are there, and some people remember them, but most people don’t.
Sometimes, though, those old guides are much more confusing and hard to understand, like @youare2’s voting guide and @Cryptoraider_Gemkit’s loot tables guide. These days, many people have made new installments that are much, much, much easier to understand. You can do this, and help the community!

I hope this helped!


@CringeKarlScott Is this good?

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given that i, like, just told you to make this a few minutes ago, it seems very rushed

it’s fine though, i like it

i hope you’ll add more to it though!

(actually i didnt even tell you to make this, i just said it would be cool if this existed - not that that’s a problem or anything)

I know. I was rushed. Will be adding stuff. Number Three and Number Four need more stuff. Will be adding.


I’m reading your new guide right now. I liked it.

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Great job, @Blizzy! I suggest adding editing T.U.G.s.

I’m not TL3

I mean if people are bored, they can edit guides like these:
[ :scroll: ] The Ultimate Guide to Blocks!
[:scroll:] The Ultimate Guide to Map Options!

None taken!

I have an idea.
It’s called bumping this.

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