How to create a fishing system [🟧- 🟥]

Step 1:

Place down water terrain as a wall on layer 3.

Step 2:

Create a questioner and an item granter.

Step 3:

In the item granter, make sure you have these settings:

Granted Item - Bait
Item Amount - 1

Step 4:

Create a wire with out being the questioner and in being the item granter. Set up the wire like this:

Question Answered Correctly → Grant Item

Step 5:

Create a vending machine with the following settings:

Purchase Action - Transmit On Channel
Required Item - Bait
Required Item Amount - 1
Visible In-Game - No
Size - Radius should be slightly outside the water

Step 6:

Create a trigger and create the “when triggered block”.

Step 7:

Create variable named something like “RNG”.

Step 8:

Set RNG value to a random integer between 1 and a number (in this case, 1,000).

Step 9: Create an if block with the number of if’s and else if’s being the number of different outcomes (in this case, 4).

Step 10: Create a loot table. in this case:

Gray fish - 1 - 500

Green Fish - 501 - 750

Red Fish 751 - 900

Blue Fish 901 - 1000

Step 11: Add the ranges to the if blocks.

Step 12: Create brodcasts respective of the individual outcomes, like this:

Step 13: Create a wire between the vending machine and the trigger like this:

Item purchsed → Trigger

Step 14: Create item granters for each of your outcomes.

Step 15: Set Grant Item When Receiving On to the respective outcome (example: Gray Fish).

Voilá! You should have a working fishing system that gives random fish for bait.


someone else already made a post about this
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Nevertheless, great guide and welcome to the community! Quick tip, use emoji squares instead of or alongside a number rating as that system is simpler and more common.

This is our most up-to-date guide about emoji squares:


lol this isnt a red or orange square its a green/white

can you do that with a vending machine?

If you make it transmit on a channel, yeah.

How did they get two emojis on a guide?

They copy and pasted one forom the internet.

Oh ok. I was confused about that for a second.


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