New Update: February 5th, 2024

Yes, I know. I made my pfp myself.

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Yeah, it’s fine. I was just making sure you knew.

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Oh, thanks. Have a great day!

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I’m Leaving For Something, Toodles Guys!


This topic is (semi) irrelevant. The update has passed and I see chatting.

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i personnaly think thats a great update

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I’m waiting for it so I can add minigames.

Minigames? I truly don’t think it’s a device. I personally think it’s gonna be a map setting.

if u stop being active for a while do u loose trust level?

Regular is the only one you can lose by not being active



Oh thats mean. of them.

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This bug happens sometimes. Just reload and clear you cache on your browser

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you use a weapon to move it tho…


hey josh can you add cars to the game please

get nolted lol


Wowza! Awesome update!
Pop Quiz: Will the Waypoint track a ball if it has no identifier even if there is only 1 ball?

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This post is closed because of the volume of people posting “stop posting off-topic posts.” I deleted over 30 notes that were some version of “stop posting.”

What would’ve worked better is just ignoring off-topic posts. There were WAY WAY more posts asking people not to post off-topic comments than there were ACTUAL off-topic comments. :man_facepalming:

As always, if your post is just telling someone what to do or not to do on the forum, skip it. The police force is more disruptive than the off-topic posters at this point!