Move using energy tutorial | Difficulty: 🟩 (2/10)

This is a tutorial on how to make a movement meter using energy

You will need:
1 Starting Inventory Device
1 Movement Meter Device
1 Game Overlay Device
1 Questionare Device
1 Item Granter Device
1 Notification Device

  1. Place Down Your Starting Inventory Device and grant the item (in my case, energy)

  1. Place your Movement Meter Device and set the tracked item to the item that was in your Starting Inventory Device

  2. Set the item drain per tick and the drain interval

  1. Place your Game Overlay Device and set the type to tracked item

  2. Set the tracked item to your Starting Inventory Device item (in my case, energy)

  1. Place your Questionare Device and your Item Granter Device

  2. Add Your item from the Starting Inventory Device to the item granter. Add how much you want for it to grant per correct question

  1. Place down your Notification Device

  2. Fill in your Notification Device with something like this:

  3. Connect your Movement Meter Device to your Notification Device with a wire and set it to (When player runs out of movement resource :arrow_right: Send notification)

  1. Connect your Questionare Device to your Item Granter Device with a wire. Set the wire to: (Question answered correctly :arrow_right: Grant item)

Boom! There you have it. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.


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