Hot Potato: Halloween Edition 6/10 or 🟨

:candy: :jack_o_lantern: Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern: :candy:
Alright! Spooky Month = Spooky Guide!
Let’s Get ready for some Treats of Hot potato!
Hot Potato Halloween = Sweet Candy


1 x Repeater
1x counter
1 x property
2 x Team switcher
1x End Game
1x Tag zone
?x Spooky props (Jack o lantern, spider)
1x Candy (I have that for you right here: :candy:

Building the Map Decor

Start by Going to map options, and making the terrain dark scraps!
Let’s add a relatively small map, this makes it fun, and more stressful!
Now get a wooden fence and tint it black or gray!

Now make a decently small box with them! Hover your mouse over it and press C!
When you think it’s right, get a vertical fence, and copy the colors with the RBG code!

Okay Now for the spooky props! I used spiders, I built this arrangement with the water terrain and NEWLY ADDED BOAT PROP HOORAY!!!
Let’s not forget, that I copied/pasted this emoji into the text to create cobwebs! :spider_web:
I also used the shovel prop!

I created this with the scarecrow and no-collision corn props!

And a little pumpkin never hurt nobody, right?
Now for the…

Giving the Player/Taking a player's Candy

Firstly, place a tag zone, 2 item granters, and 2 team switchers.
Make the tagging team team 2. And they don’t re spawn when tagged.
Make 1 team switchers switch to team 1, and the other team 2.
Wire from Tag zone to team 1 switcher :

and from Tag zone to team 2 switcher:

Ok, now make the item granters grant something candy-like, I chose a blue Berry, a nice, sweet fruit!
Make one of the item granters grant -1 and the other grants 1
This is the wire from the tag zone to the -1 item granters:

and Vica Versa:


Starting the game with the candier

Place a lifecycle which event’s on Game start. Wire it to a relay for all players. Wire it to a team switchers that switches them to Team 1
Now add a trigger with a delay of 30 seconds wired to the llifecycle, Add a relay wired to the trigger, this broadcasts for a random person, wire it to a team switcher that switches for team 2!
Now add a spawn pad for team 2. Wire that same Relay to an item granters that grants 1x Blue Berry

The Timer

Ok, this is the hard part! I tried @JoeTheChicken 's way, but it did not work! So I made my own 20 second timer with an overlay. First, place 25 Triggers. Place 20 together, and 5 separate! Make it so that One of the 5 triggers, triggers the other with a wire, that triggers the 3rd one with a wire, ETC.
Now in order of the 20 triggers, make the 1st one have a delay of 1 second, and it broadcasts on channel “1” Same for #2 and #3 and so on! Now, make the 1st of the 5 triggers triggers as many of the triggers it can with wired! Make #2 leave when #1 left off, and etc. Until you are out!

Timer Part 2

Place 4 overlays. Add 6 blocks to the first 3 and 2 to the last one.
The first block should be when receiving on channel 1, and it has this block code:

Now, add as much blocks as you can, but when you run out, make the last block broadcast on channel “Out1” And make the overlay hide on that channel, and the next appear on that channel, and continue the blocks from there! Now, make The Last Trigger, Trigger the 1st of the 5 triggers.

Idk what to call it (Checking if a player has the candy at the end of a round)

Ok, on the 25th trigger, wire it to a checker that has these settings:
Checks For Item amount
Checks for Blue Berry
If Blue Berry = 1
If Check Passes Transmit on Kill Off
Now add a team switchers, it switches to spectator when receiving on Kill Off
Now, make a relay, make it relay to a random player. When the last trigger triggers, it should relay.
Now wire the relay to a Trigger with a delay of 1 second, now wire that to an item granter, that grants 1 blueberry.
And now wire the relay to another Item granter that grants -2 Blue Berries

Starting The timer

The Last timer should be wired to the 1st timer, so when it is triggered, the device triggers!

Scoring and Teachers Section

Make the score a property Called amounts Tagged. Place a trigger with this block code:
And wire the tag zone to the trigger Like So:

Now place a player scoped property with a default of 0, and a number property called Times Tagged, and use that for a low to high score!

Let’s make energy to move, and when you get out, you have to answer 5 questions to get back!
For to Movement use: Move using energy tutorial | Difficulty: 🟩 (2/10)
Ok! Now instead of when getting tagged broadcasting on Kill Off, Remove the Team switcher to spectator, and add a room with a teleporter that teleports when receiving on Kill Off: Make an invisible Teleporter That belongs to Group 1
Now place a question or in that room, 2 teleporters, 1 blocked off by a barrier.
And a counter with a target value of 5 that removes that barrier with a wire.

Make the 2nd Teleporter should be on Teleport to group 1.

That’s all Coral Out!

:coral: :candy: : :coral:


For the timer, a wire repeater with a 20 second delay could work

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But showing it would be hard in an overlay

Ah… you’re right. But doesn’t the teacher turn on and off the music? It’s random and they don’t know when.

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Hmmm, Never thought about this, but I sort of think this is better, isn’t it like when the song finishes?

Maybe, I’m not sure. I always thought they just stopped whenever like in red light green light

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Just so you know… Team switchers respawn the player. Great guide though!

I know, but there was no way around this! that I know of

Yeah… Its always really hard to do that. You’d have to make a coordinate system, which just isn’t worth the effort.

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Nice! Overall, pretty good!

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Nice guide!

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