Suggestions to make your Gimkit have more questions! (Difficulty: Depends/10❓)

Do you want to make your Gimkit have questions to answer to make your Gimkit more “educational”? Well, here are some suggestions! *This is my first post, so I can’t add multiple images. Sorry :frowning: *

  1. Add the energy to move feature.
    This is a common thing you can see in official Gimkit gamemodes. You need to answer questions to gain energy, to move. Without energy, you can’t move.
    Move using energy tutorial | Difficulty: :green_square: (2/10)

  2. Add a question for money feature.
    This is a popular thing people do. You can make it so you need to answer questions to earn money. That money could be used to unlock places, items, and more.
    Questionnaire wire on answered correctly => Item granter wire grant item*

  3. Make a question unlockable door.
    This is not as common, however still very possible. You can make a barrier deactivate (in this case, the door) when the player answers a question.
    Questionnaire wire on answered correctly => Barrier wire deactivate barrier*

That’s all! Thank you so much for reading, and I will be adding more to this! Please reply to this with suggestions!


Great first guide, and welcome to the forum! When you get a higher trust level, which will most likely be tomorrow, I recommend you add pictures.


Nice first guide, and welcome to the community @Akari! Sorry that i didn’t welcome you sooner.

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thank you! i will check when i get a higher trust level

thanks for your response!

Your welcome, again, my apologies.

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Hey, @Akari! Welcome to the Community!
I suggest reading Community Made Guides in forum-tips, beginner-must-read and new-user-must-read. If you need help, just ask!
After All, this is a Community Forum.

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hello! thanks for the help!


Nice job! This looks pretty good so far!

Should we do this, but with a wiki post?

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Yeah I think that is a good Idea, I can make it if you want, I have some time.

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Yeah, you can do it. Just remember to credit me and @Akari.

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I will, I dont like to copy others work.

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This is pretty good! Just remember to add pictures!


Should I quote the whole thing?

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Well, maybe just add a link to this guide.

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