Is there a way to make fnaf 3 in gimkit?

Yeah, this might be a long journey…


Idk what fnaf 3 is so

Guys don’t show me fnaf guides…I’m the gimkit fnaf :crown:

It is possible, but it would probobly take you weeks on end.

Cause, I’ve been working on many maps during summer.

I’m gonna need another fnaf fan right now…

I watched all lore-related things and my friends play, but I am not the person for this. I think you will have to make do with the guides. Sorry there isn’t much I can help with.

Erm that’s not very helpful and posting that won’t change anything :nerd_face:


I didn’t mean to delete it I was just joking :frowning:

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I’m actually working on this right now (ha, ha) @Spydecraft245

Do you want to collab? After all, I have made good fnaf (or fnas) games

I would like to Collab @Spydecraft245!

sure i’m okay with that

How do you play FNAF 3? (here this is the full game on scratch) @joe

I would say the phantoms are pretty easy to make,
just implement their attack method and cam moving and when they scare do something that breaks down a system.

Springtrap is probably harder to do since he goes through vents and the hallway.
Audio lures will probably be hard.

Could it be called five nights at spydecraft’s? You know… For my franchise…

may I please j0in your Collab?

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