Resources I’VE used for MY FNAF map


FNAF maps are NOT allowed! Try to make some sort of rip off so your map won’t get taken down. Also the FNAF map I’m talking about is not ONLY mine, it’s mine AND my team’s map. Sorry I know this disclaimer is long but I also wanted to let you know that to make the animatronics move I didn’t use a guide, but I DO have my own guide on that.

I’ve used a couple of tutorials for the FnAF map me and my team have been working on and in here are all the links to the guides I’ve used.

How to make clock in gimkit
I only watched until 5:04 because everything after that is how to make a timer. This tutorial isn’t very high quality but It gets the job done. Also I put my clock in the bottoms left.

Ultimate guide to FNAF
I used the foxy ai portion so I could know the different stages and replicate them in gimkit

How to make FnAF doors
In this guide there’s a tutorial lights,doors, and clocks but I only used the doors portion because other tutorials were to vague or didn’t have enough screenshots for me to understand

FnAF map inspiration
This is the map I used for inspiration (Note: NEVER copy someone’s map! Use it for inspiration and nothing else!)

Also just as a side note I also tested out other FNAF maps too see what maybe I could do for my map.

Didn’t WolfTechnology do something similar to this? [ 📰 Resources] Resources for FNAF

Yes but these are the resources I’ve used that personally and worked for me

You can make the guide have a Onebox by making sure it has space above AND below it, like this:

I’m new so I don’t really know about that type of stuff

It’s fine since your new. At least you were trying to be helpful. :+1:

resource guides aren’t made anymore according to the “late” foxy…
also, there’s no point in making a resources guide that worked for you because as krishnava said, there’s already a guide with more resources…

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yeah, what happened to foxy? a lot of older members have been disappearing…

edit: i’ve learned what happened to foxy…

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