I Just Started Gimkit Creative. What do I do? {The ultimate beginner's guide to Gimkit Creative}

You’ve just completed the gimkit creative tutorial. Congrats! You now have a whole world of possibilities opened for you to explore. The thing is, it can be pretty overwhelming. When you open the device menu, you see a million devices that you don’t even know what to use for. Worst of all, you don’t even know what to make. Trust me, I’ve been there. This guide will try to nudge you in the right direction so you can eventually become amazing at this game! Shall we get started?

Disclaimer: The stuff listed in this guide are not strict and you don’t need to follow them word for word. If you want to do something your own way, go ahead! Treat this guide like a guideline, not a rule.

What Map Should I Make?

First things first, you need to come up with an idea on what your map should be. There are numerous sources for this, like looking at posts with the idea-catalog tag and The ultimate guide for coming up with ideas for games. If you are still stuck, write down things you like(genres, animals, hobbies, etc) and combine them into a map. Another method is looking through the list of devices either on gimkit or in the Ultimate Guide for Devices 1 and 2. From there, you can pick a device that you like and make a game that utilizes it. The Gimkit Forum should be your last resort. Make sure to include the list of things you like in the post you make!

Figuring Out The Game's Theme

Now that you have a game you want to build in mind, it’s time to make it. This depends on personal preference, but you may or may not want to plan it out first. Is your game a team vs team, player vs player, or cooperative game? Does it have a plot with a start and ending or does it just go on and on? Asking these questions helps you figure out how you should build the game. Also, think of a main mechanic or theme you want to focus on. This is especially important if you are building a battle royale, which will be very generic if it doesn’t have something unique.

Getting Started on Building

It’s time to start building. It can be overwhelming since you have so much to build, but start on the small, essential things. Before you start, click on the gear icon. These are the settings, but the two most important ones are “Map Options” and “Editing Options.” Map Options are general settings for your map. It’s often overlooked by newer Gims, so make sure you look through it! Editing Options are useful tools that make building easier. My favorite is the “grid snap” option. It allows you to make props nice and aligned, so your map looks more polished. Once you’re done with these, look through the “starting device” category in the device menu and place some devices you think you may need. After that, you can look through the full menu and place devices as needed. You should work on the main mechanic first, then the overall shape of the map, some of the side options like lore, then decorate the map.

What if you don't know how to do something?

At one point, you will eventually come across some issues. Either the system you made doesn’t work or you don’t know how to do something. Before you ask for help on the forum, try to figure it out yourself. Look through all the options in a device by clicking on the “all options tab.” A lot of questions can be easily answered if you just look though the settings. Troubleshooting may be a bit harder. What I like to do is connect every component of a system to a prop so it deactivates it. There, you can figure out where the system went wrong. Make sure to double check the wiring too, as you can easily make mistakes there. If you still can’t find the solution, it’s time to go on the forum. Before you make a new topic, however, click on the search icon at the top right and search for guides or help posts for the question you have. Your question may have already been answered. Specifically, try searching for posts with the resolved tag (click on the tag, click the search icon, enter your query, and click “Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 10-38-34 Latest resolved topics - Gimkit Creative.”
If you still can’t find anything, that’s when you make a topic. Check this guide out so you can get quicker help:
How to get quicker and better answers for your questions [🟩] - #12 by twofoursixeight

Conclusion: I hope you found this guide useful. This is geared toward beginners but everyone can benefit from it as well. Happy Gimkitting!


@NavyCatZ I know this guide will be really helpful to others when finished.

I did that twice to the same guide.

I’m excited to see how this guide turns out, I know it’ll be great!
Also really like the bold parts that will help newer people.

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Let me guess, you are going to check if the property is false, if true, set property true, then broadcast something to assign them a job. Genius!


Let ME guess, you’re going to give each random player on team 1 an ever increasing number of items until everyone is on team 2, then use checkers and teleporters to move them accordingly. Genius!

To be honest, that sounds like overly-complicated Psuedo teaming.

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That’s because it is.

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I never really like Psuedo teaming. There are so many problems.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Bet. Name ONE. Difficulty: :black_large_square:

For my guide where I teach how to get a player to drop all items on death, they would drop that item and switch teams.

Just have a counter increase every time they get the item connect property X to the item, and give the player X of that item right after death. Easy!

But what if there is a game including every single item. No items that can’t be collected, so it doesn’t work.

Just check to see if the player has a combination of TWO TO FIVE different items, that are late-game, store the value in a property, and clear the inventory.

If you clear the inventory, then they will lose their progress. Plus, won’t they just switch teams when they get an item.

Also, if we are going to continue, let’s take it to the psuedo team post, not here.

Yes, please don’t chat here.


Hey, at least it had to do with GKC.

navy guide!!

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The bet was to find a flaw in psuedo teaming. The reason I put a black square is because as long as you are not actively trying to use every item, psuedo teaming is flawless.

In general, I never liked Psuedo teaming. Now, if we are to keep arguing, take it to the guide.